AT&T Smart Cities coming to Chicago


Paul La Schiazza

AT&T Illinois

Dear Friends,

Managing a big city like Chicago is a tough job.  

Today, technology innovations provide real-time information that can help keep roads and bridges safe, identify leaking pipes and better manage traffic and transportation systems.  

Now, through our Smart Cities initiative, AT&T is developing even more innovative tools that can help government more efficiently deliver improved services for citizens.

This week AT&T announced Chicago is one of three spotlight cities that we will work with to deliver Smart Cities’ solutions.

It's great news for Chicago

AT&T already helps communities solve problems with solutions that connect utility meters, streetlights and water systems. Now, by working with technology leaders and industry organizations, we will utilize Internet of Things (IoT) technology to add important new categories of solutions:

Smart City Network Operations Center

bullet point Infrastructure — Cities are able to remotely monitor the conditions of roads, bridges, buildings, parks and other venues. Maintenance crews can identify slick roadways during freezing weather or detect bridges that may need repairs.

bullet point Citizen Engagement — Mobile apps give people information to stay better prepared. For example, you can be notified in near real-time if a traffic light isn’t working on your route. You can also remotely view parking meters and reserve spaces ahead of time.

bullet point Public Safety — Cities can better manage traffic patterns of pedestrians at stadiums, parks and busy intersections and other public safety features. 

City of Chicago Chief Information Officer Brenna Berman said:

Quote from Brenna Berman

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Paul La Schiazza

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