Mayor Brummel and the Warrenville Bicyclist and Pedestrian Advisory Commission are again interested in motivating Warrenville residents to get fit! On Monday, May 3, 2021, the Mayor’s Fitness Challenge returns for its 10th year! This program is designed to challenge residents to keep pace with Mayor Brummel by moving to their own healthy beat. An avid exerciser, Mayor Brummel has been riding his bike and running for years. Many may have even seen him around town or at local forest preserves. But like any person, motivation is tough sometimes. With the Mayor’s Fitness Challenge, Warrenville residents can motivate each other to get up, get going, and get fit!

The Mayor’s Fitness Challenge is a program designed to inspire your competitive nature and motivate you to engage in some type of physical activity. The goal is to log in at least 150 minutes of activity each week. This program will run for 10 weeks, from May 3 to July 10, 2021.

Participants who log 1,500 minutes or more over the 10 week challenge will receive special recognition. Joining the program is easy. There is no cost, and participants must be at least 12 years old. Simply click on the "Mayor’s Fitness Challenge Log" Quick Link to the right of this page to register.


As you exercise each week, don’t forget to log back into the website and record your time; you can do it daily or weekly. And remember, Mayor Brummel doesn’t just want you getting fit; he’s looking to motivate some healthy family time, so get your minutes together!


It’s at your discretion as to what counts as physical activity, Be creative with your fitness activities to count your minutes, but remember to practice safe social distancing if necessary. The Warrenville Park District may offer a variety of programs, classes, and activities to meet your goal. Residents should check their website regularly to see what programs are available.


2020 Winners included:

    Larry Brenner,  Most Minutes Male in his age group

    Debbie Lamberg, Most Minutes Female in her age group

    Ben Merrill, Most Minutes Male in his age group

    Ellen Seiberlich, Most Minutes Female in her age group

    Lisa Cortez, Most Minutes Female in her age group


The following participants also won a special t-shirt for Beating the Mayor’s Minutes:


Cathy Bluma, Larry Brenner, Mary Brummel, John Krallmann, Debbie Lamberg, Margie Leonard, Ben Merrill, Shari Meyers, Dan Rice, Amy Robertson, Ellen Seiberlich, and Linda Vallaro. Congratulations.


Thank you to all who participated in last year’s challenge and a special thanks to Northwestern Medicine for their generous sponsorship of t-shirts.


If you qualified for a t-shirt, please contact Executive Assistant Dawn Grivetti at dgrivetti@warrenville.il.us or call City Hall at (630) 836-3050 during regular business hours to pickup your t-shirt.


City Hall
3S258 Manning Avenue
Warrenville, IL 60555
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Phone: 630-836-3050

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