On September 3, 2021, the Governor signed Executive Order 21-22 which requires all individuals  over the age of 2 and who can medically tolerate a face covering to wear a face covering when in  indoor public places. The Executive Order also requires health care workers, school personnel,  higher education personnel and students, and employees and contractors of state-owned or operated congregate facilities to be fully vaccinated, as described in the Order.

Who is required to wear a face covering indoors?
All individuals the age of 2 or over who can medically tolerate a face covering are required  to wear a face covering over their nose and mouth when in an indoor public place.

All employees must wear face coverings in indoor workplaces

What is a public indoor place?
Public indoor places refer to indoor events, facilities, or premises in which
community/persons visit or work. Public indoor places include but are not limited to
businesses, retail establishments, office buildings, entertainment venues, hotel meeting  rooms and ballrooms, lobby areas, indoor sports complexes, and other places of leisure.


Does the face covering requirement apply to employees who wear other safety equipment on their heads or faces?
There are circumstances when wearing a face covering may not be possible. According to
CDC guidance for wearing masks, face coverings should not be worn by a person for whom  wearing a face covering would create a risk to workplace health, safety, or job duty as determined by the workplace risk assessment.

Does this guidance apply to public outdoor places?
As recommended by the CDC, individuals are encouraged, but not required, to wear face  coverings in crowded outdoor settings and for activities that involve close contact with others who are not fully vaccinated, especially in communities with higher numbers of COVID-19 cases

Do I have to wear a face covering indoors if I’m able to maintain six feet of physical distancing some or most of the time?
Yes. Individuals in indoor public places must wear a face covering at all times, unless they  can consistently maintain six feet of distance (such as when working in an office or cubicle).

All employees in indoor workplaces must wear a face covering.

Should an employee wear a face covering while working in an office or cubicle?

Face coverings may be removed by workers at workplaces when they can consistently  maintain six feet of distance, such as when workers are in their office or cubicle space.

Do manufacturing employees need to wear face coverings?

Face coverings may be removed by workers at workplaces when they can consistently maintain six feet of distance.


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