Following an impressive showing at the IHSA Sectionals, Wego Drama at West Chicago Community High School competed in the IHSA State Finals on March 23-25th.   The IHSA Drama Competition events were the Contest Play, the Group Interpretation, and the Student Short Film.  The entire team was recognized with the IHSA Sportsmanship Award.  Additionally, Michael Angeles and Alex Bradley received All-State Cast Awards for their Group Interpretation Performance.  Furthermore, Ellie Hurley and Karidja Monjolo received All-State Cast Awards for their Contest Play Performance.  Finally, the student film called “The Space Between” was rated as 1st Place- Exemplary.  Simply, it was an amazing weekend for Wego Drama at Glenwood High School in Chatham, Illinois.

Ryley Salazar, the writer and director of the short film, reflects, “It was a wonderful experience to create a film.  I’m so excited that it was well-received.  Additionally, I was so happy to participate in a feedback session with the IHSA adjudicators and other students from around the state.”  Alex Bradley, who assisted on the film and performed in both the Contest Play and Group Interpretation, continues, “That is the best part of making it to State.  Don’t get me wrong, I am so happy to be named an All-State member from all

of the judges.  However, just being able to share our Art and see so many other performances is an experience I will never forget.”   Company manager Arson Gutierrez concludes, “Working with this entire Company was great.   We appreciate all of the hard work it took to make it into the IHSA State Finals.  I am so proud to be recognized as a Team.”

The company of actors and crew for the show includes from Carol Stream: Arson Gutierrez,  Sarah Larimer, and William Wenberg; from West Chicago: Mariana Acosta, Stephanie Alfaro, Noemi Amaro, Michael Angeles, Kenya Bahena, Alex Bradley, Lucas Brown, Guadalupe Carreto, Wil Cooper, Pamela Cruz, Danais Gomez-Garcia, Daniel Guevara, Sentia Irakoze, Nirali Kadakia, Kayliana Koeune, Chris Nunez, Edgar Oropeza, Romina Pietanza, Baron Plumlee, Jocelyn Ramirez, Alex Rocha, Vincent Ross, Ryley Salazar, and Dayan Zenteno; and from Winfield: Carolyn Fleming, Elizabeth Hurley, Avery Moffatt, and Mariah Varnado.

Mark Begovich directed the Wego Drama stage productions with Nicole Stadler. Technical Direction was by Christopher Jensen.  The student film was directed by Ryley Salazar with Alexander Bradley.

The State Finals was at Glenwood High School in Chatham, Illinois. Additional information is available at IHSA.org.

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