Tuesday, April 9 | NIU Center, Naperville
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Whether you are a new or seasoned manager, your challenge will always
be to consistently prove you are a competent and trustworthy leader
who is admired by your team, peers, and the executives in your company.
Your success will be measured by your ability to influence your team
to follow your lead, their performance and professional growth, and
whether you take initiative for your own professional development.
This seminar will provide you with information and science proven
techniques to excel in every aspect of your management role.
This program will provide you with knowledge, skills, and science-based
tactics that will help you to excel in your management role.

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Wednesday, April 10 | Webinar

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Recently, the U.S. Department of the Treasury and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) released more guidance and proposed rules on key provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) that requires employers to meet certain labor mandates involving apprenticeship mandates, prevailing wage requirements and possible forced unionization on green energy construction projects. 

While prevailing wage and apprenticeship requirements are not something new, investors, developers and employers who do not fully understand these requirements will likely face legal liabilities and issues that they did not expect because compliance is difficult. Additionally, the likely insistence that a Project Labor Agreement (aka union only contract) be implemented on such projects certainly adds to potential labor headaches and restrictions. 

Please join Attorney Jeff Risch of Amundsen Davis LLC as he dives into the latest developments on “Green Energy” Projects and, in particular, what Illinois based companies must know when becoming involved on such projects on a local, state or federal basis.

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Thursday, April 11 | Chicago
9:00 AM - 12:00 PM

The best practice for employers is to update their Employee Handbooks at least annually to comply with recently enacted legislation, as well as court and federal agency directives and decisions which may impact workplace policies. Join Scott Cruz, Labor and Employment Attorney at UBGreensfelder as he discusses what necessary policies should be included in any Employee Handbook and some policies that should be avoided. He also will discuss issues facing employers with regard to other recommended policies which are often found in Employee Handbooks, as well as other optional policies which employers may choose to include in their Employee Handbook based upon the needs of the particular company.

Continuing Education Offered: 3.00 HRCI, 3.00 SHRM  credit per attendee request prior to event, and 3.00 HR & Management/Supervision Compliance Certificate Credits. HR Certification Institute’s® (www.HRCI.org) official seal confirms that the Illinois Chamber meets the criteria for pre-approved recertification credit(s) for anyof HRCI’s eight credentials, including SPHR®and PHR®.

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Thursday, April 18 | Webinar

8:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Why should you join our Virtual HR Roundtable?
 - This roundtable is for you - your hot topics, not a webinar where we present to you and determine the agenda.
- There will be an HR consultant acting as facilitator (with hot topics in mind if needed) along with an attorney to answer any legal questions you may have.
- This is a great way for you to network and discuss your issues along with working through them with a group of HR professionals.
- These meetings are not formal.
- Examples of topics discussed: best practices in training your employees, getting/keeping the right talent, employee handbooks – bring them for discussion, and your issues/questions.
- This is a one year commitment that consists of four quarterly meetings that will take place every January, April, July and October. If you are unable to attend a meeting, you may send someone from company to attend in your place.

All meetings must be used within one year of registration.

Continuing Education Offered: 3.00 HRCI, 3.00 SHRM, 3.00 HR Compliance Certificate Credits, and Management/Supervision Compliance Certificate Credits.

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Thursday, April 25 | Webinar
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

As more and more cities, counties and states across the U.S. enact pay transparency mandates, employers’ obligations are becoming more complex by the day.  Attorney Jeff Risch of Amundsen Davis LLC will present a timely webinar on the upcoming mandates hitting Illinois employers as of January 1, 2025.  He will also provide a summary of similar mandates currently in place around the country.  Attorney Risch will discuss in detail the following:

- Summarize employers’ obligations under the Illinois Equal Pay Act amendments and discuss best practices to avoid liability
- Discuss pay transparency laws in the context of remote workers
- Suggest strategies to keep your organization compliant and protect against pay transparency and unequal pay claims

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Wednesday, May 1 | Des Plaines
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM

HR Professionals are constantly being inundated with changes in employment laws and regulations. The “Nuts-And-Bolts” of human resources are all the black-and-white, day-to-day duties that HR associates and supervisors deal with on a regular basis that tie into employee management and make up this component of what HR does every day!

Join Scott Cruz, Labor and Employment attorney at UB Greensfelder LLP. for this comprehensive seminar that will provide guidance for new and seasoned HR professionals who need to assure they are in compliance with the laws.

This seminar will provide guidance on how to handle situations across the employment law spectrum including pre-employment background check requirements, cannabis reasonable suspicion training in the workplace, obligations and requirements for supervisors and managers with respect to anti-sexual harassment and retaliation, conducting effective workplace investigations, compliance with social media and other privacy issues in the workplace; paid leave, as well as several other potential issues that could arise in the workplace that need immediate attention.

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Tuesday, May 7 | Webinar

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

What could be more critical to a company’s long-term success than to have a smart succession plan? Leaders need to select and develop the right people for future leadership roles. Yet research has revealed that far too many companies have no plan in place whatsoever. One reason is that they are too busy dealing with issues such as recruiting the talent they need right now.

You can’t create and sustain success in business, regardless of its size, without talented and trained people who are willing to move into key positions when people leave or retire.
This webinar will provide you with methods to help you to select the best candidates for leadership positions and a step-by-step approach to creating a smart succession plan. 

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Wednesday, May 8 | NIU Center, Naperville

8:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Please join Sean Darke and Abad Lopez of Dykema for this half day seminar, where they discuss some HOT topics Illinois Employers are facing for 2024. The presenters will review the most recent paid leaves laws enacted in Illinois and Chicago and how those laws can work with the Family Medical Leave Act and other federal laws.  This seminar will also discuss the numerous independent contractor tests that Illinois Employers need to understand and be in compliance. Confused on what DEI programs an Employer can implement, the presenters will guide employer through the process for compliance. And lastly, Section 7 rights are real, as the NLRB continues to pursue litigation against non-union companies, this seminar will discuss those rights and provide safeguards for Employers. Don’t miss this half day seminar, as more and more litigation on these topics are filed weekly!

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Thursday, May 9 | Webinar
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM

Cyber insurance is becoming a necessity for Illinois’ businesses, large and small.  This program will cover the current trends in the cyber insurance market, the coverages available, surviving the application/underwriting process, and pitfalls to avoid. You will walk away with information you can use to help you avoid catastrophic losses and build an effective insurance component to your information security practices.

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Tuesday, May 14 | Webinar
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Managing employment issues can be tough, especially when an employee is injured which tends to create more questions than answers.  The presentation will offer an overview of Illinois Workers’ Compensation where attendees will gain a greater understanding of the IL Workers’ Compensation system of benefits and litigation, learning key terms & terminology.  We will include discussion of issues you may encounter during claims and tips for effective handling and management.

Attorneys from Keefe, Campbell, Biery & Associates will outline some of the basics every employer should know that will give them the tools to address claims from the moments an incident occurs through the date a file is closed. Attendees will get a better grasp of the nature of the workers’ compensation claims administration process and can learn to better answer those questions that arise when faced with work injury incidents.

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Wednesday, May 22 | Webinar
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

On July 1, 2024, the City of Chicago’s Paid Leave and Paid Sick Leave Ordinance takes effect. Now is the time for Chicago employers to review your current policies and practices to consider what you will need to do to be in compliance with this new Ordinance.  Join Scott Cruz, Labor & Employment Partner at UB Greensfelder LLP, as he discusses the new Ordinance’s requirements, and provides guidance on how to best to comply with and implement the Ordinance’s new paid leave requirements with or in addition to your current leave policies.

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Thursday, May 23 | Webinar

10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

The ABCs of Hiring will provide an overview of the various stages of the hiring process. This presentation will cover assessing who to hire, such as independent contractors versus employees and direct employees versus leased employees. It will also address legal considerations for employers during the recruiting and interviewing stages. Further, it will identify numerous legal issues that employers need to consider to carefully vet prospective employees. This will include guidance on background checks and drug testing. Lastly, it will review making offers and establishing terms of employment. Join HeplerBroom, LLC’s attorney Julieta A. Kosiba for information on potential ways to improve your hiring process, to ensure legal compliance, and to minimize the risk of litigation.

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Tuesday, June 18 | Connor & Gallagher OneSource, Lisle
10:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Please join Allison Schaeffer of IFMK Law, Ltd. for this two-part workers’ compensation presentation on the topics of Slip and Falls and Lost Time Benefits:

Slip and Falls

Slip and falls are one of the leading causes of workers’ compensation claims across industries. In this presentation, we will discuss how to determine compensability of a slip and fall under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act. We will discuss four different case scenarios to illustrate how the law is applied in various real-life situations.

Lost Time Benefits:  Where Does Your Claim Fit?

Whether lost time benefits must be paid is one of the most frequently asked questions we get as defense counsel for workers’ compensation claims at IFMK Law, Ltd. This has been an especially hotly contested issue since the Interstate Scaffolding decision was decided by the Illinois Supreme Court in 2010. In this presentation, we will examine the current status of the law regarding payment of temporary total disability (TTD) and temporary partial disability (TPD) benefits, and discuss common situations that arise involving payment of TTD/TPD and how to handle those situations from a defense standpoint. 

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